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Common Inspection Issues in Older Homes

Common Inspection Issues in Older Homes

Getting a home inspection is a necessity, specifically if you’re purchasing or selling an older home which can have drainage, foundation, and cracking issues. Older homes tend to have specific issues, all of which can be identified and addressed through a professional home inspection. Drainage and Cracks Older homes often lack of proper drainage around… Read more »

Regular Maintenance on Your Home

So many people buy a house and just move in, fill the fridge with their favorites and put up the big screen TV.  The reality of owning a house is like owning a car where you need to check the tires and change the oil.  With a house there are generally some things that should be… Read more »

Customer Care and Complete Inspections

There are two important things that I feel are necessary to do a really good Home Inspection. #1 is the house and #2 is the buyer. Having the buyer at the inspection is a good way for them to get to know the house better. Since I like to teach, I can teach them about… Read more »

The Electrical Portion of a Home Inspection

Part of a home inspection involves an electrical inspection. What does an inspector look for during this part? Most homes have electricity coming into them via a service entrance cable from the street. The inspector checks this cable’s clearances, splices and supports. If there’s an exterior ground rod, the inspector will look to see what… Read more »

Are Home Appliances Checked During a Home Inspection?

Many people wonder whether or not home appliances are checked during a home inspection. Babcock Home Inspections does check certain appliances– the ones considered “permanently installed appliances.” Essentially, permanently installed appliances are the ones that would generally stay in the home when it’s sold to someone new. Most are located in the kitchen. Babcock Home… Read more »

Reasons to Have Your Home Inspected Before Selling

“Have my house inspected before I sell it? Why would I do that?” is the typical response when a real estate agent or other housing expert suggests a seller hire a professional home inspector to come take a detailed look at their home and property before it’s “on the market.” So why would a seller… Read more »

How to Keep Termites Away From Your Home

Termites are real pests. They cause damages to homes, feeding on wood, paper, old books, and even insulation. The two most common types of Termites in San Antonio are Subterranean Termites and Drywood Termites.  The first lives in the ground the second commonly lives in trees and can swarm in the exterior wood surfaces.  The… Read more »

Things to Ask When Choosing a Home Inspector

Just like you’d want to know a little bit about a doctor who diagnoses you or a pastor who marries you, it’s a smart idea to know some info about a home inspector you choose to inspect a house you just might call home. The best inspectors have a construction background and a soft, patient… Read more »