Electrical Surge Protection for all Electronics

Surge protection is also known as outlet power strips that we plug many of our electronic devices into.  These power strips help protect our electronic devices such as electronic clocks, computers, televisions, printers, microwave ovens, fax machines, water sprinkler controllers, electric tooth brushes, electronic displays on ovens,  cell phone chargers etc. from power surges. Small electrical surges from lightning… Read more »

Common Foundation Problems in San Antonio, TX

Recent rains have saturated the soil around our homes.  Too much water has a negative effect on our foundations.  The wetter the soil the more it raises the foundation.  When the soil is dry the foundation sinks. Stopping water from getting under the house is very important.  This applies to Slab homes, Pier and Beam… Read more »

Home Refrigeration: Out With The Old And In With The New

As we further investigate the environment and see the effects of gas and other chemicals emitted into the air, we strive to make more conscious efforts to preserve the health of the world and its inhabitants. What we are seeing recently is a major stride in manufacturing more energy efficient home and commercial appliances. Without… Read more »

First Time Homebuyers Utilizing An Inspector For Repairs And Potential Problems

The word stress is defined as “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances”. Stress is a condition that most people try hard to avoid. The first time homebuyer sometimes finds that buying their first house can be very stressful. A sympathetic and knowledgeable inspector can walk… Read more »

Give Your Home The Power With An Electrical Inspection

Without electricity, our homes are in the dark and many of our appliances are useless. Years ago there weren’t many electrical appliances or outlets in the bedrooms or kitchens. Most appliances were gas powered. Now days are different. We have microwave oven, toaster ovens, etc. It is our job to inspect the electrical systems, especially… Read more »

Selling Your Home? Here Are 5 Tips To Help With The Selling Process

When we are selling our home, we want to get it done as fast as possible while getting the most we can for the property. Before you decide on anything, however, there are few tips for you to consider ensuring the selling process is a smooth and successful one. Follow These 5 Tips Get Some… Read more »