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Wet weather and then very dry weather.

This summer weather may drive somebody crazy but it shouldn’t. As long as you let the water from the roof runoff away from the foundation you can keep the foundation dry, all around the house. The best defense for foundation movement is to keep ALL of the foundation dry. Never use soaker hoses. If you… Read more »

Allergy Season is Here

Just about everyone has an allergy to something.  Living here in Texas we have different types of mold as well as Mountain Cedar and wild grasses.  It’s taken me years to develop some resistance to molds, but molds are not just outside.  They are inside as well, every time you go back into the house… Read more »

New Construction Inspections

New homes often have problems during construction that should be corrected before the house is finished. Checking out the foundation before the concrete is poured is important to make sure the plumbing pipes are correct and secured properly.  New foundations have “Post Tension Cables” which tie the slab together and make the slab extremely strong… Read more »

A/C Unit and Indoor Air Quality is So Important

I see dirty air conditioners all the time. Here in Texas we have mold growth on the evaporator coil in the unit that in in your hallway or attic. The evaporator coil is the part that makes cold air and the by product is water. This is the perfect environment for mold growth which is… Read more »

Rub your nipples when you are in the shower.

Here is San Antonio we have very hard water that starts to clog shower heads.  Newer shower heads have the rubber spray nipples that start to get clogged over time with lime and restrict water flow.  Just rub these nipples and that will clean off the hard water buildup and the shower head sprays well… Read more »

Test older homes for lead

Test older homes for lead in the drinking water. The solder used on copper pipes used a mixture of lead and tin. Test kits are available on line. Lead is especially bad for children and their neurological development.  If you don’t test for lead, remember to just run the water for drinking for several minutes… Read more »

New Home Inspection

I did an inspection on a new home the other day.  The builder was so happy that the house was ready to move into and there were no problems.  I just came down from the attic and asked the builder what kind of insulation he uses in his homes.  “Why we use the blown in… Read more »