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Electrical Surge Protection for all Electronics

Electrical Surge Protection Surge protection is also known as outlet power strips that we plug many of our electronic devices into.  These power strips help protect our electronic devices such as electronic clocks, computers, televisions, printers, microwave ovens, fax machines, water sprinkler controllers, electric tooth brushes, electronic displays on ovens,  cell phone chargers etc. from power surges.

Small electrical surges from lightning strikes or just average surges from the electrical company can kill sensitive electronics.

Protecting your electronics is usually done with the surge protection power strips.  But not everything is protected such as your oven or microwave.  Additional protection for everything in the house can be done with a surge protector installed on the main electrical panel, generally found at the outside panel.

The small cost of installing surge protection is well offset by the replacement of all of your electronics.

Written by Ray Babcock

Ray Babcock

Ray Babcock is the owner of Babcock Home Inspections in San Antonio, Texas. They are dedicated to highest quality in Home Inspections & Termite Control within the San Antonio area.

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