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Home Foundation Inspections

Foundations are so important to help keep the house from looking like the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

Proper soil preparation is very important when the house is first built.  Years ago most builders did not understand the importance of proper Water Drainage or the use of Gutters.  Most homes built years ago were built on a Flat Lot.  This did not allow water to drain away from the foundation.  Because of this,water could pond around  the house and aggravate the settling of the house at an uneven rate.  Adding soil around the house to achieve a positive drainage angle will drive the water away from the foundation.  Adding gutters will get water away from the house.  You want the foundation to get wet or dry at the same rate all around the house.  Using soaker hoses can sometimes do more damage than good.  Just water your house all around evenly, just like you had grass all around the house.  Do so all year round.

The two types of foundations found here in Texas are the Concrete Slab and the Pier and Beam. Both types can settle and move naturally.  When proper control of the water can be achieved, this will reduce the chances of excessive settling or differential settling, where one section of the house will settle or descend more radically than the rest of the foundation.  This leads to brick cracks, sheetrock cracks, unlevel floors and sometimes sections of the roof pulling apart.

Most settling of homes are minor in nature, when radical or advanced differential settling is found, we recommend contacting a foundation specialist for further analysis and repair. Occasionally a foundation has moved so drastically that it may have an adverse effect on the sewer pipes under the house.  It may be necessary to contact a plumber for inspection of the sewer pipes.


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