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New Construction Inspections

New homes often have problems during construction that should be corrected before the house is finished.

Checking out the foundation before the concrete is poured is important to make sure the plumbing pipes are correct and secured properly.  New foundations have “Post Tension Cables” which tie the slab together and make the slab extremely strong and less likely to move.

Checking the steel rebar for proper connections and ties is also important.  Also there should be an electrical wire that is connected to the rebar and to the electrical system ground rod.

Next step is the framing or “Dry In” inspection where the framing, electrical and mechanical systems are inspected before the insulation and drywall is installed.  All of these areas should be inspected closely to make sure the sub contractors have done their job correctly before everything is covered up.

The final inspection is when everything is finished.  Do this inspection before you sign on the dotted line.  Here is where you can go through the house with a small roll of blue masking tape, placing a small piece of tape on all of the small imperfections in the house from woodwork to defects in the walls to kitchen cabinets.

Everything in the final inspection will be closely scrutinized from the roofing, walls, drainage around the house, attic insulation, interior and exterior walls, plumbing, electrical, flooring and appliances.

We want to pick the house apart.  You want a new home to be just as nice as buying a new car.  You wouldn’t want to buy a new car with a dent in the fender or a flat tire, so you wouldn’t want to buy a new house with defects either.

Written by Ray Babcock

Ray Babcock

Ray Babcock is the owner of Babcock Home Inspections in San Antonio, Texas. They are dedicated to highest quality in Home Inspections & Termite Control within the San Antonio area.

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