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Plumbing Inspection

Plumbing issues range from Water Supply, Sewer Pipes, Sinks, Faucets and Water Heaters.

Water supply to the house is tested for pressure.  80 pounds per square inch (PSI) is the maximum pressure that is allowed to go to the house.  Any more than that then it could damage the pipes, faucets or connection hoses.  If the pressure is too high, a Water Pressure Regulator is installed on the house side of the water meter by the sidewalk.  Then a Water Pressure Compensation Tank is also installed on the cold water side of the water heater to help compensate for pressure changes.

Other water issues are leaks and water damage.  A visual inspection is taken to look under sinks or observe walls or ceilings that may have water leaks or damage.  Occasionally on older homes there are problems drips from faucets or hoses and water shut off valves.  Water drips are never allowed since the damage to wood and sheetrock and lead to many other problems.

Water Heaters are generally installed in the garage, attic or laundry room.   Water heaters that are installed in the garage must be elevated off the floor by 18 inches.  The reason for this is that if gasoline is spilled in the garage, the fumes settle down low to the floor and the water heater ignition source is elevated above the fumes.   Other problems with water heaters are usually Rust or Scorch Marks at the base of the water heater.  Scorching or gurgling at the base of the water heater usually mean that there may be water leaks in the tank or excessive mineral sediment in the tank. Other problems include the improper installation of the water heater.  A common problem is the improper installation of the TPRV or Temperature/Pressure Relief Valve pipe or valve.  This is important in case the water heater builds up too much pressure or high temperature, so the tank does not explode.  Proper installation is required by Code.  Proper ventilation for gas water heaters is also important.  They need plenty of air for proper gas combustion.

Attention to the sewer pipes is a concern mainly on much older homes that have cast iron drain pipes.  Occasionally tree roots and enter a pipe and clog it.  Dramatic settling of some foundations can also damage these pipes.

Drain pipes under sinks are inspected for water leaks or drips.  Occasionally there are problems with old metal drain pipes that corrode.  These should be replace with PVC drain pipes.

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