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Roofing Inspections

Roofing and Attics are a very important part of the house.  Shingles keep out the water, the attic insulation keeps the heat of the summer out of the house or keeps the heat in the house during the winter.

As the roofing materials age, they start to loose the granules that protect the asphalt shingle material.  3 tab shingles are the lowest grade shingle that if you’re lucky will last from 12 to 15 years.  Newer shingles may last up to 30 years but cost a bit more.  The things we look for is broken shingles or hail damage.  Estimating the age of the shingles is not easy so we try to analyze the condition of the shingles according to granule loss from age or hail damage.  Other conditions usually found are the lack of proper sealant around the sewer vents, chimney, roof vents or furnace flue pipes.   Sometimes water gets into the roof and starts to rot the wood roof decking.  This is usually termed as soft decking.

The attic is important is several ways.  Ventilation is very important since if there is not proper air flow, the attic can get very hot and hold water vapor.  Upper vents allow hot air to escape the attic.  Gable vents or ridge vents also allow hot air to escape the attic.  It is important that these vents are not covered in the winter since excessive moisture that accumulates in the attic must have a way to escape.

Proper insulation is important for energy efficiency.  R-30 is now todays’ standard. It doesn’t matter if it is fiberglass, cellulose or Rock Wool.  Many older homes have only a R Factor of 12 to 20.

Also located in the attic is the a/c ducts.  Older homes have outdated ducts that are also not very energy efficient.  Upgrading to newer ducts will help save on your electrical bill.

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