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Hot Dry Weather

This summer weather may drive somebody crazy but it shouldn’t. As long as you let the water from the roof runoff away from the foundation you can keep the foundation dry, all around the house. The best defense for foundation movement is to keep ALL of the foundation dry. Never use soaker hoses. If you have gutters, channel the water away from the foundation. Oversaturation of the foundation will make the foundation sink and crack. If you have a lawn, just water your grass and don’t over water any bushes next to the house. Using gutters to channel water away from the house includes your driveway, concrete patios and entry sidewalks to help prevent concrete movement.

Written by Ray Babcock

Ray Babcock

Ray Babcock is the owner of Babcock Home Inspections in San Antonio, Texas. They are dedicated to highest quality in Home Inspections & Termite Control within the San Antonio area.

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