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What to Expect During Your Home Inspection

Home Inspection Info Before you sign on the dotted line and agree to buy a home, it’s important for you to have a home inspection done. During a home inspection, a home inspector will walk through the house you’re buying and check every single aspect of it to make sure there aren’t any major issues.

It’s good for all home buyers to have an inspection done. But it’s an especially good idea for first-time home buyers to do one since it’ll give them the chance to ask any questions they might have about simple home maintenance practices. Whether you’re having a home inspection done for the first time or tenth time, here is what you should expect from one.

Home inspectors will check out the roof and exterior of the home

One of the first things most home inspectors will do is inspect the roof on a home to make sure it’s in good condition. They can usually guess about how old it is just by looking at it and predict how long it will last before it needs to be replaced.

Home inspectors will take a look at the major systems within the home

Are there any problems with the plumbing system inside of the home you’re looking to buy? Is the electrical system up to date? Should you be concerned about the furnace or the air conditioner? Your home inspector can check out all of the home’s systems to make sure they’re in good working order. They will even inspect things like a fireplace and chimney for you.

Home inspectors will check the attic of the home

Whether a home has a large finished attic or a small attic that’s only accessible through a tiny hole in the ceiling, your home inspector should make every effort to get up into it. From there, he or she will be able to spot signs of trouble with your roof and check to see if you have enough insulation in your attic.

Home inspectors will inspect walls, decks, foundations, and more

While your home inspector should inspect the major parts of your home, they shouldn’t stop there. They should also take a close look at everything else inside and outside of your home. From walls and decks to the home’s foundation, a home inspector should look high and low and make note of anything that looks like it could cause you trouble later.

At the end of your home inspection, your inspector should provide you with a full report detailing everything that was found. You can then use that report to ask the seller of the home to make repairs prior to the final sale. It will ensure you know what you’re getting yourself into when you take ownership of the property.

Babcock Home Inspections can set you up with a home inspection. We welcome both buyers and their realtors to accompany us during an inspection to learn the ins and outs of a home and the maintenance that will need to be done to it. Call us at 210-325-2106 to schedule an inspection.

Written by Ray Babcock

Ray Babcock

Ray Babcock is the owner of Babcock Home Inspections in San Antonio, Texas. They are dedicated to highest quality in Home Inspections & Termite Control within the San Antonio area.

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