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Why Proper Attic Ventilation is Important

Why Proper Attic Ventilation is ImportantIs the attic space in your home ventilated properly? If not, you could run into a series of problems. A lack of ventilation in your attic can cause the shingles on your roof to wear out quickly if your attic gets too warm in the summer.

Additionally, an attic that hasn’t been ventilated properly can make your home significantly less energy efficient than it could be.

It’s why you should take the time to ventilate your attic the right way, if you don’t already have the proper venting for it.

Ridge vents are your best bet for ventilating an attic space. Ridge vents are located at the very top of your roof and often span the entire roof. Since hot air naturally rises, ridge vents will take the hot air at the top of your home and move it outside to prevent your attic from overheating. Further, it will help the heat escape evenly and keep air moving out of your attic at all times.

But ridge vents aren’t the only kind of vents you should have installed in your attic. Soffit vents are also essential. They should be located at the edge of your roof, and they will allow cool air to make its way into your attic. When cool air makes its way into your attic, it will help force hot air out and control the climate in the space. The one thing you also want to be mindful about is your insulation. It should never be placed near your soffit vents since the insulation could stop air from flowing freely into and out of your attic.

Speaking of insulation, you should make sure the insulation in your attic is on the newer side and installed properly to keep the temperature at the appropriate level. Whether you opt to use loose fill insulation or fiberglass rolls, your insulation will prevent air from the attic from moving down into your home. At the same time, it will keep air from your home out of the attic.

There are many other steps you can take to ensure your attic doesn’t get too hot or too cold at any time. For example, radiant barrier roof decking is a foil-faced roof decking that can reflect solar energy and keep the temperature in your attic about 20 degrees cooler than it would be otherwise. Additionally, some people choose to use attic fans to ventilate their attics. But whatever you choose to do, you need to take attic ventilation seriously to reduce your energy costs and care for your attic space.

If you’re not sure what kind of attic vents you have in your home or if you would like suggestions as far as how to vent your attic more effectively, Babcock Home Inspections can lend a hand. Call us at 210-325-2106 today to hear about our extensive home inspection services.

Written by Ray Babcock

Ray Babcock

Ray Babcock is the owner of Babcock Home Inspections in San Antonio, Texas. They are dedicated to highest quality in Home Inspections & Termite Control within the San Antonio area.

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